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Ministry Development


As a training school for those who will plant the church that they will pastor and who pastor the church that they will plant, we provide opportunities to develop ministry skills focused on church planting, discipling and pastoring. A Ministry Exposure Report will be required of the students at the end of the year.


1. CHURCH MINISTRY EXPOSURE. An integral part of the training of our students is their exposure to our local church life and ministries. Many aspects of the ministry are better caught than taught. Students learn better when they see patterns, observe others do them or when they themselves participate in them. Being a church-based school is a natural setting for such opportunities. We will train our students to do what we do.

a. Go through  the `Moving Experience’ discipleship program of Destiny City Church, learn how to implement the framework and lead another to go through the discipleship cycle.

b. Learn many aspects of the pastoral work by participating in each of the purpose-based teams of Destiny City Church  church: Magnet Team, Membership Team, Ministry Team and Missions Team.

c. Be immersed in our church culture characterized by a strong pulpit and teaching ministry, exuberance in praise and worship, militancy in the prayer, moving in the supernatural and motivation and passion for church planting.

d. Learn strategies and programs to reach and minister to different groups of people: DESTINY KIDS    for children, MOVERS/CHI ALPHA for the youth, ABOUND Meetings for Young Adults, RADIANCE Meet Ups for Women, QUIVER SCHOOL PEP for parents, COUPLES meetings, MEN’s meetings, etc.

e. Learn teaching and methods relevant to today’s challenges in the ministry through special teaching and training sessions that may be held or hosted by  Destiny City Church.

f. Have teaching and preaching opportunities throughout the school year during chapel times, prayer meetings, youth meetings, other church group meetings.

2. WORKING AS CHURCH PLANTING TEAM. The students will function as a Church Planting Team that will implement the total SOS church planting strategy in at least two target places throughout the school year.

3. GIFT-RELATED MINISTRY. Each student will be allowed to join a ministry team according to his/her gifting.

4. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Upon request and if qualified, a student may request for internship training under a Destiny City Church  staff for some specific ministry in the church.

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