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School Activities and Schedules

Regular Class Hours
Tuesday to Friday 9-10:30am 10:30-12am, 3-5 pm BSM
In Charge: Academic Assistant

Library Open for Personal or Group Study
Tuesday to Friday 8-9-am, 2-3 pm, 5-6 pm, Monday: 2-5 pm
In Charge: BSM Academic Assistant

Morning Devotional Times 
5:30 am
In Charge: Dean of Students/Dorm Deans

Class Devotional and Worship Experience
Tuesday 8:30-9 am
In Charge: FARM WT OIC and Staff

Intercession for Church Planters and Church Planting
Wednesday 2:30-3:00 pm
In Charge: FARM Missions Team OIC

Sunday Celebration Attendance
10 am and 5pm services
In Charge: BSM Dean of Students

Speech Development Class  as  scheduled
English IGR Class as scheduled

Music Ministry Development as scheduled

Servanthood Practice
Saturday am and as needed
In Charge: BSM Dorm Dean

Meetings with Deans
First Tuesdays of the Month 5-6 pm, and as needed
By: BSM Academic Dean,  Dean of Students ,BSM Dean of Students’ Ministry Exposures

Parenting Session
Once a month as scheduled with Parenting Elder
In Charge: Dean of Students with Parenting Elders

Final Examinations
Tuesdays 5-6 after each block
In Charge: Teacher in Charge or Academic Assistant

Church Based Ministry Exposures
FARM schedules
In Charge: BSM Dean of Students’ Ministry Exposures

SOS Practicum in two target places
As scheduled
In Charge: BSM Dean of Students’ Ministry Exposures

Fellowships and School Parties as scheduled:
Acquaintance Party
Christmas Fellowship
Pre-Graduation Treat
In Charge: Dean of Students

IMPORTANT: As adopted members of FARM, Inc., students are to be present and participate in all regular activities and programs of the church.

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