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Parenting Program

The BSM Parenting Program

The parenting program is a major tool of BSM to monitor the students in their spiritual and character development. The Dean of Students with the assistance of FARM, Inc. elders, some selected teaching lay leaders of F.A.R.M.,Inc. serve as parenting elders. A parenting elder will be assigned to care for one student.

The Parenting Scheme

The following describe the parenting scheme to be observed by the parenting elder.
1. DIRECTING AND AFFECTING CHANGE – Assisting students to develop new attitudes and patterns of behavior and responses. This involves:

a. PROFILING – getting a written profile of the student at the start of the year. It’s like getting acquainted with the raw material that is to be processed into a finished product. The profile serves as the basis for helping them identify problem areas and strongholds in their lives that could be hindrances or potential source of defeat and ineffectiveness in their personal and ministerial life. A personal interview is then conducted to supplement and clarify what the written profile show.
b. ACKNOWLEDGMENT, CONFESSION, AND PRAYER – leading students to realize and admit the identified problem areas and make willing confessions of them to God. It is important that students see their need to change. We guarantee them that we accept them as they are, but we (as well as God) will not allow them to stay as they are.
c. INITIATING – leading students to draw up certain action steps or behavior patterns to practice until new attitudes and patterns of behavior and responses are formed in reverse to the identified problem areas in their lives.
d. REFINING – following up students in their growth in these areas during the parenting sessions.

 2. THE MONTHLY PARENTING SESSION – for the following purposes:
a. Follow up the refining process (see d above).
b. Listen to the student/s testify of his experiences, growth, victories, how he overcome problems, etc.
c. Evaluate student/s’ progress based on information from student/s’ logbook/s.
d. Address weak areas, real needs and difficulties
e. Fill up monthly report to Dean of Students using the Standard Form provided.
f. Call attention of Dean of Students on matters found that needs immediate attention.

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