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6Application & Registration

1. Fill up thoroughly a BSM Application form and attach a recent 1×1 ID picture.
2. Attach the following documents: (Use only official BSM Forms)
 Photocopy of birth certificate
 Photocopy of College Diploma/or proof of at least 2 years of College education
 Medical certification of sound health
 BSMForm.Endorsement – filled up with required signatures
 BSMForm.Proof of Support – filled up with required signatures
 BSMForm.Proof of Intent To Plant a Church – filled up with required signatures
 BSMForm.Testimoy
3. Submit personally or send by mail or email as attachments. All applications with the required attachments must be received by BSM on or before June 30, 2018. Applications with incomplete documents will not be considered for admission.
4. If you qualify, you will be notified by BSM (by, phone, email, sms or FB message).
5. If qualified, come on designated registration day. Be ready for an interview. BSM will verify all information provided in the application form. BSM has the right to decline admission of any applicant who do not comply with all the requirements.
6. Register on the same day and be ready to pay the required fees.

How much will it cost to study in BSM?

BSM teachers do not receive remunerations. The team of BSM teachers are ministers whose passion is church planting and raising up church planters, headed by the lead pastors of Destiny City Church Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay and their the pastoral team. BSM alumni with proven pastoral and leadership ministries and a few carefully selected guest teachers are invited to teach in specific areas of expertise. Therefore, the cost of training in BSM is kept to cover only that which is needed to give the students the training they need for church planting and pastoral work.

1. Annual Student School Fees: P 7000.00
Required amount on enrollment day is Php 5000.00 and the balance as four Php500 installments on specified dates.
Students Lesson Booklets (40@ app Php70 each) Php 2,800.00
Ministry Exposure Expenses 1,000.00
Library Fee, Study Bible 1,000.00
Students Activities 700.00
Insurance &Contingency 500.00
Graduation Expenses 500.00
Miscellaneous Expenses 500.00
Total 7,000.00

2. Lodging: If staying in dormitory: P500/month share in maintenance, light and water for 10 months (to be paid on designated dates)

3. Food Allowance: BSM does not collect students’ monthly food fees. Students in the dormitory cook their own food in a provided kitchen or pay for their weekly food allowance to the Kitchen in charge. Suggested food budget is Php 2000.00/monthly/student

4. Budget for OJT in Church Planting through SOS: Php 6000.00

Supports & Sponsorships

1. The training of church planters is a partnership between BSM and the sending district, section or local church.
2. The sending local churches and/or districts are responsible to financially support their students’ schooling in BSM.
3. BSM solicits help from Destiny City Church members and partners and grant these as assistance to QUALIFIED STUDENTS ONLY based on their evaluated needs. Qualified means primarily those who definitely are studying in BSM as church planters.

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