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Dacudao, Paul

Name: Paul Angelico D. Dacudao
Age: 21 yrs old
Home Church: Agape Gospel Ministries, Zarraga, Iloilo
Educational Attainment: Graduate, BS Marine Engineering
Occupation before BSM: NA (new graduate)

`Jesus is the captain of my ship and He is the master of my fate. Material things in life cannot buy happiness beyond compare to the tantamount joy of serving the Lord Our God’. This is the testimony of Paul,    one of the youngest in BSM class of 2012.  A graduate of B.S Marine Engineering yet chose to seek out the will of God over the opportunity to a high paying job on board a ship. For him life is easy when we submit everything to God. He wishes to pioneer a church and wants  others to know Jesus as their friend and sole Saviour of their lives.

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