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BEREAN School of Ministry is a ministerial training school for church planters based in First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc. situated in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. Both the church and the school are headed by Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay.

The distinctiveness of the training in BSM is captured in this tagline: “We train those who will plant the church that they will pastor, and will pastor the church that they will plant.”

The name BEREAN is an acronym of: “Because Eventually Radical Equipping Affects Nations

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Reason for Being
It is because of our commitment to church planting and missions that Berean School of Ministry was started in 1986. We motivate, train and mobilize leaders. We are training the church for the great commission. We are majoring in church planting, because that’s what Jesus is doing ever since, that’s what the Holy Spirit empowerment is for, and that’s the reason the church is still on earth! We know how to do it and we have results. We will continue to exist as long as the Lord of the Harvest calls for more laborers.

1. It is a TRAINING school. The mentoring system is used to disciple individual students, providing direct contact and consultancy. We provide not just classroom learning but also a variety of opportunities for practice to develop competencies in ministry skills.
2. It is a SHORT-TERM school. We seek to facilitate fast but maximum learning within the time allotted for each course. We employ teaching-learning principles, teaching by objectives, and maximum student participation. It is well known that a short-term school can preserve your initial zeal and vision for ministry and missions better than a long-term school.
3. It is a CHURCH school. The natural setting of the ministry training is the local church. Students adopt the FARM church as an integral part of their one-year training exposure. We see this as a major determining factor in the dynamics of our training program. We seek to discern God’s current move in the Church and make constant adjustment to be in step with God’s Spirit.
4. It is a PIONEERS’ school. We aim to train those who will be able to start and pastor a local church. The Church Planting subjects are taught from fruitful experiences in church planting since 1986. Sending is part of our philosophy. We train and facilitate the sending of our graduates.
5. It is a TRAINORS’ school. We train students with the view that they will train others also. The lessons were prepared to be transferable even in a local church setting. Every course has a well-written set of handouts in expanded outline form.
6. It is a MISSIONS-ORIENTED school. Motivating students for missions and missionary work is a major and an integral part of the training program. We seek to provide students the basic knowledge and preparation for missionary work. We can vouch for our graduates as they go to the field as missionaries.

The kind of training in BSM is described in these five M’s
1. MORALS – we believe that the minister, above all, needs more than just academic qualifications. He needs the spiritual character development to qualify in the ministry.
2. MESSAGE – we believe that the minister must have a full-gospel information needed to communicate `the whole counsel of God’. We give effort in assisting students develop productive learning habits and diligence in the study of the Bible. We emphasize the principle of learning spiritual truths by the help of the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the Word of God as the absolute measure for our and practices.
3. METHODS – we believe in learning the principles and strategies of ministry that can yield God’s expected results. The practical methods we learn in evangelism, missions, discipling and other church ministerial responsibilities are derived from Scriptures and valuable experiences of proven ministries and ministers.
4. MOTIVATION – we believe that God provides the motivation that makes the minister powerful, faithful and victorious servant of God. We learn a God-centered approach to ministry that designates God as the foundation and reason for being and thee Holy Spirit who gives direction and propulsion in ministry.
5. MISSIONS – we believe that God wants us to do the work He gives to us in the Body of Jesus Christ and in the world. We are Fishers of Men. He helps us discover our portion in the work of God, enables us to do it, and gives us success. We believe we are fellow-workers with Him.

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