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How BSM Online Compare with BSM In Person Program

The restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic are not reason enough to stop the work of planting and building the Church. Hence, we decided to start BSM Online. We have 40 students as the pioneer online students for the schoolyear 2021-2022.

We are not deviating from our fundamental purpose and philosophy of training as a ministerial school. Using technology and a workable platform, we make adjustments in methodology because of the current situation where face to face learning and rooming in students in a dormitory are not possible.

Academic Load
The BSM Online academic year consists of 30 courses spread throughout 10 months. Each course consists of a minimum of 6 -9 online sessions @1 hour /session depending on the content and competencies called for in each course. Assignments and performance tasks necessary to accomplish the learning goals set for each course are given.

Non-Academic Programs
To be trained in BSM is not only to acquire academic knowledge. Since BSM is a ministerial training school, BSM designs opportunities for MINISTRY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT focused on church planting, pastoring and discipling. A Ministry Exposure Report will be required of the students at the end of the training year. And more importantly, BSM is concerned with the SPIRITUAL AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT of the students. We set Biblical standards for spiritual and character maturity, godly values system and lifestyles which are consistent with the high calling of the ministry. At the beginning of the school year, we see our students as God’s raw material that can be molded into the kind of people God wants them to be, contingent to their willingness to cooperate in God’s work of grace. The activities and methods designed to accomplish these will be modified for the virtual setting. (Please see details of

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