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Berean School of Ministry
Destiny City Church (a.k.a. First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc.)
Mabini Street,  Roxas City, Capiz 5800 Philippines
Telephone Numbers: +36-6214-234   Smart #0961-889-6645
E- mail:
Facebook Page: Berean School of Ministry

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  1. deanna says:

    Do you offer other course other than church planting?

  2. Trina Ula says:


    My name is Trina Ula. I am writing from Marianas Christian Fellowship in Guam. I write to ask about Christian churches in Roxas City. A gentleman from our church will be relocating there in February. He will be living with his daughter. He is a recent convert to Christianity, receiving Christ as his personal Savior, and proclaiming his faith as he was baptized this past Sunday. If you could provide me with information on a fellowship of believers in Roxas City, who could love him and teach him the Word of God, please email me at

  3. Teresa Biaggi says:

    My name is Teresa and I have felt a “calling” if you will towards ministry/missions work for some time. I have checked with other websites with no luck and not a good feeling. I spoke with a woman this morning who got her licensing from you. and after reading the information provided by your website. I feel good things, however I have not found the information that lists the cost of the training you offer. it would be greatly appreciated if you would send that information to the website provided below. thank you and God Bless in advance.


  4. Emman says:

    Blessed hour,
    My name is Emmanuel Lomanog from Sison,Pangasinan,Luzon. I have joined SOS once and help my father at San Jacinto. Then I moved here to pioneer and plant a church. Now I became the pastor of this church called Genuine Awakening Center for almost one year after church planting. My concern is that I have never been in a formal training and it’s also my struggle to enroll in Bible Schools here due to lack of financial support and too long span of time to study. I always pray for God’s help this then I remembered this school, spoken by our speaker and co-volunteers at SOS, way back 2013, that this school offers only one year of training and helps find sponsors for students. So I looked for this website for confirmation. Because I really wanted to learn more for God’s glory. So what should I do regarding this matter? I hope that you could help me. Thank you and God bless you and you ministry.

  5. Anita Alo says:

    Interested in berean for church planters

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