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It is because of our commitment to church planting and missions that BEREAN SCHOOL OF MINISTRY was started in 1986. We motivate, train and mobilize leaders for the great commission. Hundreds of our graduates are now serving as pastors and leaders in local churches, missionaries in local and foreign mission fields, and influencers and messengers of the
gospel message in the workplaces.

Berean School of Ministry is a church-based training school of Destiny City Church. The natural setting for ministry training is the local church. It is not a seminary separate from the church but a component of the church. This as a major determining factor in the dynamics of our training program and emphases. We seek to discern God’s current move in the Church and make constant adjustment to be in step with God’s Spirit.

The restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic are not reason enough to stop the work of planting and building the Church. Hence, we decided to start BSM Online. We had 40 students as the pioneer online students for the schoolyear 2021-2022. Then we grew almost double in 2023-2024 with 71 students.

We are not deviating from our fundamental purpose and philosophy of training as a ministerial school. Using technology and a workable platform, we make adjustments in methodology because of the current situation where face to face learning and rooming in students in a dormitory are not possible.

Academic Load
The BSM Online academic year consists of 30 courses spread throughout 10 months. Each course consists of a minimum of 6 -9 online sessions @1 hour /session depending on the content and competencies called for in each course. Assignments and performance tasks necessary to accomplish the learning goals set for each course are given.
Non-Academic Programs
To be trained in BSM is not only to acquire academic knowledge. Since BSM is a ministerial training school, BSM designs opportunities for MINISTRY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT focused on church planting, pastoring and discipling. A Ministry Exposure Report will be required of the students at the end of the training year. And more importantly, BSM is concerned with the SPIRITUAL AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT of the students. We set Biblical standards for spiritual and character maturity, godly values system and lifestyles which are consistent with the high calling of the ministry. At the beginning of the school year, we see our students as God’s raw material that can be molded into the kind of people God wants them to be, contingent to their willingness to cooperate in God’s work of grace. The activities and methods designed to accomplish these will be modified for the virtual setting. (Please see details of these programs in the website)

Application For Admission: May 15 -July 15 2023
Welcome & Orientation Classes: July 26-28, 2023
First Block of Classes start: August 2, 2023
Class Days/Time: Wednesday to Friday 7-9 PM


  1. Those who intend to plant new churches
  2. Those who are called to the mission field
  3. Serving disciples and House Church Leaders of Destiny City Church. BSM is the highest equipping opportunity for members of Destiny City Church. The training is also open for serving disciples of other churches.
  4. Professionals who see their workplace as their mission field. Professionals who are called to minister in their work place or to pastor even while practicing their professions. The online setting of training enables us to accommodate both Philippines-based professionals and those working abroad.


  1. Age: Must be at least 22 years old prior to opening of the school year.
  2. Education: Has at least two years of College education in any field of study.
  3. Language and Communication Skill: Proficiency in the English Language – in speaking, reading, listening with comprehension and writing.
  4. Health: Certified by a physician to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit.
  5. Spiritual Life and Experience: Genuine experience of salvation and have undertaken Biblical discipleship.
  6. Church Life: Endorsed by local pastor as a consistent, growing, submissive and serving member of the local church.
  7. Ministry Experience: Not a novice, has at least two years of some form of ministry in the Word and ministering to people.
  8. Character: Endorsed by appropriate person to be of sound moral character and having no criminal record.
  9. Call. Evidence a confirmed call for the ministry and affirmed by endorsing pastor.
  10. Church Planting and Missions: Present proof of intention to plant a new church or go to the mission field after completing the training program (for applicants who intend to plant churches of go to mission field.).


  1. Operational knowledge and skill to engage in participative online learning through prescribed platforms.
  2. Own personal gadget to use in the online learning
  3. Have efficient internet connectivity.

(Forms downloadable from

  1. Download and completely fill up the following forms
     BSMForm.Application
     BSMForm.Endorsement – filled up with required signatures
     BSMForm.Testimony
  2. Accomplish the following documents:
     Photocopy of birth certificate
     Photocopy of College Diploma/or proof of at least 2 years of College education
     Medical certification of sound health
  3. Send above forms and documents by email
  4. If you qualify, you will be notified by BSM through email, phone, sms or FB message
  5. Interview after which confirmation of admission.
  6. Payment of Fees. Consider yourself officially enrolled upon payment of fees.
  7. Receive link to join online required orientation session.

Landline +36-6214-234
Smart #0961-889-6645
Ask for BSM Registrar: Jean Lumpod
Office Days: Wed-Fri: 9-12 AM 1-4 PM and Saturday: 2:30-5 PM

Since we started BSM in 1986, BSM teachers do not receive remunerations. The team of BSM teachers are ministers whose passion is building the Church of Jesus Christ headed by the lead pastors of Destiny City Church Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay. BSM alumni with proven pastoral and leadership ministries and a few carefully selected guest teachers are invited to teach in specific areas of expertise. Therefore, the cost of training in BSM is kept to cover only that which is needed to give the students the training they need for church planting and pastoral work.

The restrictions due to the pandemic made us decide to go online. Because of our philosophy of training, we hold interactive classes and design appropriate systems for higher engagement levels with our students. To run and maintain this quality online classes required huge investment in state-of-the-art technology, apps to use and subscriptions to online service providers. The following are details how much it will cost for one to join BSM Online.

Registration Fee: PHP2000.00
Fee per course: PHP200.00/course @ 30 courses = PHP 6000/ for entire school year.
Total: PHP8,000.00
Mode of payment: Registration fee is required to be paid on enrollment plus the fees for the scheduled courses. Fees for following courses are to be paid before the start of the corresponding classes.

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