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Spiritual and Character Development

The BSM Character & Spiritual Life Development Program

BSM is concerned not only with the academic development and ministry skillfulness of the students. We set Biblical standards for spiritual and character maturity, godly values system and lifestyles which are consistent with the high calling of the ministry. Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ (PHI 1:27).
At the beginning of the school year, we see our students as God’s raw material that can be molded into the kind of people God wants them to be, contingent to their willingness to cooperate in God’s work of grace

Activities :

1. PARENTING PROGRAM . Each student is assigned to a parenting elder. A parenting elder meets his/her assigned student monthly to assist the student in his personal, character and spiritual development.
a. Student’s Monthly Progress Report. Consequent to the parenting program, students will fill up a standard evaluation form at the end of each month. It consists of questions designed to make the student and the mentor see in concrete form the progress of the student.
b. Special Counseling Session. Students can make appointment with parenting elder for an additional personal counseling. The parenting elder may refer the student to another FARM elder if necessary. Counseling of a student with fellow student is prohibited.

2. PARTICIPATION IN CHURCH CELEBRATION. Students are to experience with us the life-changing Presence of God in our Sunday Celebrations. They are to take down notes from the Pastor’s sermon and write out insights and ways to apply the word. (Celebrations required to attend:_________________________).

3. PARTICIPATION IN CHURCH PRAYER MEETINGS. Students are to experience prayer, intercession and engaging in spiritual warfare when the church leaders come together in prayer.

4. RESPONSE TIMES IN CLASSROOM SESSIONS. BSM teachers will always room for students to make appropriate responses to God’s move in the classroom. Every class can be an encounter with the Lord.

5. DAILY DEVOTIONS. Students are to keep a devotional notebook, which will be regularly checked by the Dorm Dean. In class or parenting sessions, students will be asked to share about their devotions.

6. SERVANT HOOD PRACTICE. Faithfulness in little things is a must before one can be trusted with the big things. We are producing `servants’ in the work field, not `performers’ on stage. Students will be asked to do Servanthood activities in the form of some cleaning chores in the church. Work assignments are designed also to help them develop principles of faithfulness and excellence.

7. MONTHLY HOME ROOM MEETINGS WITH DEANS: DORM DEAN AND DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS. A time to receive feedback from the students, address immediate needs, communicate directives, evaluate campus and dorm life and report on Servant hood practice.

8. DISCIPLINE AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION. A weekly class and work schedule and a daily time frame for class and dorm life is implemented to train students in responsible use of their time. Disciplinary action will be implemented on any student found guilty of any unbecoming conduct or any sustained mistake committed even after warning and counsel.

9. DORM LIFE AND MEAL TIMES CONDUCT. A Dorm Dean and Kitchen Supervisor will manage the students conduct within the dormitories and during meal times. Guidelines will be discussed with the students before implementation.

BSM Social Life & Relationships Guidelines
The interaction of students with BSM teachers, Destiny City Church  leaders and members and fellow students will be frequent – in the classroom, in the dormitories and during   church life and ministries. They are in an environment that provides many opportunities to develop attitudes that are necessary for a healthy social and relational life. Courtesy, respect and obedience to leaders and one another will always be the order of the day. Social rules and guidelines should not be viewed by students as restrictions but as tools to make their stay with us enjoyable and most productive.

1. CONDUCT. Practices which are known to be morally wrong by Biblical teaching are not acceptable for the school both in campus and off campus. Included are specific acts such as: drunkenness, stealing, slander, profane language, occult practices, sexual sins (premarital sex, adultery, and homosexual behavior). Scripture also condemns attitudes such as greed, pride, lust, unforgiveness, needless anger and jealousy. The school will repudiate these but will seek to help any student to find forgiveness.
2. PRIORITY OF STUDY. Students must make their studies as their priority. Students should not involve in extra activities during class days except those arranged by the school.
3. RELATIONSHIPS. Students are encouraged to establish healthy friendly relationship with one another and with the opposite sex. Starting any romantic relationship either with a Berean student or a non- Berean student during the school year is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone who will make or suggest any romantic relationship will be reprimanded or subject to discipline. Frequent and private socialization between two students of opposite sex will be reprimanded and be subject to discipline.
4. HEALTH AND GROOMING . Students must observe good personal hygiene practices and maintain good health. Any illness must be reported to the  Dean of Students.
5. DRESS CODE AND UNIFORM . Students should wear proper, modest and clean attire to class. They should wear uniforms when required. Wearing slippers in class is prohibited. Modesty in attire is also required after class.
6. LODGING AND DORM LIFE. Guidelines for dorm life will be drawn in consultation with the student body and will be thereafter implemented by the Dorm Dean. Students who live in FARM members’ homes must abide with the household rules set by the housing sponsors.
7. CURFEW HOURS. Students should observe set curfew   hours. The gates are closed and locked before 8pm. No student is to go out after that except for official assignments. Shopping for personal needs should be dope during the day after lunch time.
8. BREAK PERIODS. All guidelines on social conduct are in force even during break periods. Places to where students plan to go during vacation must first be cleared with the Dean of Student Affairs.

Faithfulness in Little Things
Students are given relevant assignments to train them in faithfulness in little things and how to give attention to details. These assignments are for classroom life and other student activities such as parties and recreation events under the supervision of the Dean of Students.
1. Records Officer – serve as secretary for class meetings, keep records, and gather assignments.
2. Logistics Officer – serve as treasurer and supplies officer for the class
3. Documentation Officers – document all class activities through pictures and videos
4. Wardenship – arrange check lights, door /window locks, air-conditioning unit, equipment
5. Writers and bloggers – write daily posts to BSM blog site and Facebook group.
6. Musicians – provide music for meetings as needed
7. Food Service Crew – plan and prepare food for class events.
8. Ambiance – set up for events.
9. After events clean Up
10. Promotions and Invites for events

Revised, April, 2019

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