Berean School of Ministry



We, Berean students have  our  own version of the line that  goes: `Wake me up, as September begins…’ Indeed we have been spiritually awakened as Annah Belle Calusay led us in our devotional at the start of the first week of September.  Using 2 Peter 3:17 as her text, she left us with the challenge of (1) Being Strong & (2) Growing Up.
As ministers in training, our level of faith must consistently grow.   Our time calls for  discipline and accountability is a must- a lasting ordinance. Throughout the week, with the air-conditioner tweaks, issues about meal budgets, and  other personal needs, God showed Himself to be faithful and  powerful in dealing with us in every area of our lives.   In humility, through prayer & thanksgiving, presenting ourselves and  our concerns to God   resulted to that peace that surpasses understanding. We find security in  knowing that God indeed speaks to people of destiny.
We have been blessed with the decision of a part-time student, Jean Tumlos  to do  full time schooling with us. Along with a new roommate for the ladies, the men also welcomed a new upbeat part-time student, “kuya Antonio”, as we call Him. Our generation is destined for acceleration, as more people are drawn to be disciplers. Let us continue to believe and  partner with God in this race of ours. Walking in the supernatural has never been surprisingly rewarding as in the last days. . . Full speed ahead church planters!

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