Berean School of Ministry



I thank God for giving me a chance to be trained in BSM. It’s very challenging!   Belinda Malaygay

As I have observed, BSM is sending equipped and highly trained soldiers of the living God. These are soldiers who know combat methods,   expert in map reading and  who know where to position themselves  to have the best view for possible targets.   BSM mentors help build people’s lives on a strong foundation, help them be in great shape and strength.  Joenil Villaco

My friend Brigitte Paulino (who finished training in BSM last schoolyear)  and I could witness that BSM is a choice training school for ministers. . Thank God for allowing me to experience and hear great teachings that would equip me for every good work. It’s a great privilege! Naty Haboc

BSM is such a great training school for church planters. Here, you will be equipped with God’s word.  At  the same time your character is being molded into a true servant of God. Glory to God!   Catherine S. Dapat

My wrong concept about ministry was   corrected. Now, I have a better understanding of it.  Richel  Palma

I’m blessed each time we have a class in Philosophy of Ministry.  I’m often teary eyed after each class session.    In our course on Basic Study Skills, I’ve learned how to become an effective listener and   how to use the Bible study tools for a deeper understanding of the bible.  Rowena Javier

BSM is like a mirror to me. Here, I’ve seen myself completely without any pretensions and discovered that despite of my past , God could still use me for His glory.  Sarah Labaso

BSM has a high standard of teaching and training. Our mentors are good examples for us. We always have a lot of assignments and this is a challenge for me to improve my study habits.   Normie Alvarez

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