Berean School of Ministry



Training and mentoring the BSM students is a challenging process that requires knowing first the kind of raw material to start with. A popular BSM line is `We accept you as you are but will not let you stay as you are”. Consequently, BSM conducts English Measurement Test and Doctrinal  Evaluation Test at the beginning of the school  year. The students took an IELTS exam administered by  Jireh Calusay. The purpose of the  exam was  to test their listening skills, concentration and listening with understanding. The students  were allowed to listen to a recorded conversation   and after that they have to answer prepared questions.   Secondly, they took a doctrinal test  composed of selected representative questions to measure their general knowledge of the Bible and the Biblical view of key doctrines and issues.   Results of tests revealed the rustic minds of some students especially those who have finished their college education many years ago. Nonetheless, the students enjoyed the exercise and were challenged   to take up again the mind set of a learner.

To see more pictures, click this: Photo Album:BSM Students Take Measurement Tests

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