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It is a practice in the Philippines for schools to hold a recollection-retreat for the graduating students. The Culasi Elementary School requested for FARM to handle   one for their graduates. This was made possible through the facilitation of a teacher in the school, Mrs. Mae Theresa Gaylan. The BSM students came handy as  the   manpower to serve said request. It was also timely as practicum in their course on Creative Teaching and Creative CEd Programming.
The event was attended by almost a hundred junior age students. It started from 8 am to 2pm. The students divided the whole period into three sessions around the theme: `Life As It Should Be’ and culminated in leading the students to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord. using the ICI `Great Question in Life’ booklet.
The faculty members of the school were very grateful and said that they would like us to handle the recollection-retreat next year.

The BSM Students with some Culasi Elem. School Teachers

Flatrock Resort: Venue of the Retreat

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