Berean School of Ministry



BSM is blessed with guest teachers who  unsefishly volunteer their expertise, skill and time to help train future church planters and pastors through BSM. The Schoolyear 2011-2012 was graced by the  teaching of the followimg guest teachers. THIS POST IS INTENDED TO SAY `THANK YOU’ TO THEM.

Helen Bates
Has been an Assemblies of God minister, but her ministry skills has afforded her  more than 35 years of experience in mission and pastoral ministry across different denominations. Currently, she is   Associate Pastor in Gateway Baptist Church in Mackenzie, Queensland, Australia.  She has served with the Gateway Team since January 2004, facilitating Life Groups and Training at Gateway. Her passion is for people to grow and change as they come to know God and do their journey with Him. Helen is a very valuable teacher in Berean School of Ministry. She flies all the way from Australia every year to teach and bless the students with her teaching ministry. Helen comes evevry year, accompanied by her husband David Bates who is a FARM missions partner and who brings a team to join SOS.

Pat Martinez
A BSM Alumni
Pastor of Panay Assembly of God
Been the Eastern Capiz Sectionla Presbyter for 9 years
Elected as new NWVDC District Secretary

Minnie Panaguiton Chan
English Professor in Filamer Christian University
Grew up in a Christina family that was among the first members of FARM
Married to Pastor Jun Chan, a BSM Alumni

Harald Hesse
Bible and Mission College Brake Germany BA 1992
Tertia Akademie IT Software Engineering 2004
Mission with Missionswerk Friedenstimme since 1986
With International Broadcast and Radio Association (IBRA) since 2007
Married to Cristina Hesse since June 2009, 4 kids

Julie Compuesto
English Professor
Speech Trainor
FARM elder
Inspite of her failing physical health, she continues to offer her skills to help improve the speaking skills of the students

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