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Fresh faces were welcomed to Berean School of Ministry for Church Planters, SY 2012-2013. BSM faculty and staff headed by Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay welcomed these students with happy anticipation of another year of adventure with the grace of God. Three  other students are enroled as part time students. Throughout the schoolyear, more part time students are expeted to join who will attend modular classes.

1.            Adona, Genesis O.
2.            Badilles, Loradel D.
3.            Batilaran, Edsel John
4.            Caparas, Rebecca S.
5.            Casas, Jonel P.
6.            Corro, Gabriel
7.            Doloso, Antonio A.
8.            Farparan, Alfred C.
9.            Gimarangan, Jovan A.
10.          Manipol, Vanessa M.
11.          Mawa, Maryjoy B.
12.          Mercado, Samuel O.
13.          Oribe, Ryan R.
14.          Palmerola, Evangeline F.
15.          Ricaforte, Ninfa F.
16.          Ruano, Rosana D.
17.          Salivio, Estrella B.
18.          Sarrosa, Jasiel G.
19.          Tabon, Ruthsil L.
20.          Telleron, Lheanne U.
21.          Triumfante, Marissa S.

Part-Time Students
22.          Aposaga, Ma. Melanie B.
23.          Azarcon, Janette D.
24.          Enage, Nicabelle U.

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