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Last September 24, 2012 was supposedly our day-off here in BEREAN School of Ministry and  I got alot of backlog responsibities to be ushered. But one of our dearest classmate Sis Ninfa, invited us to have an adventure in their farm at Municipality of Dao, Capiz.  They offered us   a lot of food  and    our stomachs were very full.  As we explored, roaming around the place, we were amazed of the natural scenery and vegetation of the area. A lot of fruit trees and vegetables in the sorroundings and in fact, we brought some of the fruits and vegetables that we harvested from the place for consumption in the school.  It was really a worth expedition and a joyfull one.  Aside from having fun, It was also a fulfilling trip   for the reason that God’s purpose was established. We were able to share the GOSPEL, the Goodness and Faithfulness of the LORD to  those whom we’ve met.  They were very hospitable and we are so much thankful for they have accepted us. But our greatest joy was that, they receive the Good News with a heartfelt acceptance.  We are so much thankful of the Lord’s Grace and Mercy. May all of our action and effort be pleasing in His sight, a sweet aroma in the heavens and above all for His Glory and Honor. Unto Him only our LORD JESUS Amen. By: Samuel Ong Mercado.

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