Berean School of Ministry



Having good study skills is  critical to success in the life of the student.  In the course Effective Study Skills, students evaluate their current study skills to find out where they need to improve.

The Evaluation Activity: Rate your current level of skillfulness in the following good study habits.Raise the piece of paper that corresponds to the  rating you give yourself:
Fair (green) , Good (pink), Excellent (yellow)

The Activity:
1.Reading – has three components: speed, comprehension and recall
2.Writing – not copying, but organizing and expressing in written form what you have read and understood
3.Memory development – employ methods that help you remember a lot of specific facts
4.Concentration – paying full attention to what you are studying
5.Time Management – ability to break down tasks into component parts, & ability to complete each task efficiently.
6. Note taking – from textbooks and from class sessions
7.Library Skills – making the most of the library & knowing how to use it
8.Participating in class – means you are always prepared, mentally present in class
9.Unlocking Difficulties – taking time to unlock difficulties: look up meanings of difficult words and give extra effort to understand difficult parts of the lesson.
10. Testing Understanding – taking some time to test your own knowledge and understanding.

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