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Classes for BSM School year 2019-2020 started July 9, 2019 with 19 officially enrolled students.


1. Agbulos, Daisy Emelyn C.
2. Besorio, Angela G.
3. Billones, Angeli A.
4. Billones, Val Peter B.
5. Camain, Jean Maya N.
6. Castillon, Rene C.
7. Dais, Jocelyn R.
8. Dela Cruz, Liza P.
9. Delos Santos, Ray-An M.
10. Fegarido, Hazel Ann A.
11. Francisco, Claire T.
12. Ginturo, Mary Jean
13. Jaruda, Eduardo R. III
14. Lee, John Paul
15. Milan, Chysil D.
16. See, James S.
17. Sayepa, Joekim A.
18. Taculod, Dan Maq Lloyd C.
19. Trabasas, Karen Joy B.

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