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BSM Online kicks off the year 2022 with an analytical study of the earthly life and ministry of Christ as presented in the Gospel of John, focusing on the presentation of the deity of Jesus Christ and the importance of faith in Him. Historical events and developments in the intertestamental times as they relate to the preparation of the birth of the Messiah and later to the spread of the gospel Message, as well as the major descriptions of the New Testament world will be studied as an introduction. A short survey of the synoptic gospels is also included.


  1. Introduction: The World of the New Testament & The Four Gospels
  2. Structure and Purpose of John’s Gospel
  3. Prologue 1:1-18
  4. Period of Consideration 1:19-4:54
  5. Period of Controversy 5,6
  6. Period of Conflict & Crisis 7-11:53; 11:54-12:36a
  7. Period of Conference 12:36b- 17:26
  8. Period of Consummation 18-20
  9. Epilogue 21

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