Berean School of Ministry



Why this course?
While preaching and teaching are the primary spiritual responsibilities of the pastor, there is another side of pastoral leadership that must not be overlooked or underemphasized- the business and management side. Pastors are not managers in a corporate-business-world-publicly-traded-company sort-of-way. But pastors are shepherds. And shepherds manage sheep. The vast majority of pastoral roles include management. Even at the most basic level, churches require management. Who pays the bills? When does the meeting start? Who is responsible for the different functions? Who keeps the records? What is our policy? These are just a few basic managerial questions.

BSM Online is privileged to have a guest teacher with a wide managerial experience. We welcome Mr. Ronald Amigo.
Current Position:
Asst. Dept Head – Mayor’s Office, City of Roxas
Program Manager – Fred Hollows Foundation
UP Visayas – BS History
CPC (Collegio dela Purisima Concepcion) – Juris Doctor
ANU (Australian National university) – Masters in Public Policy

Mr. Ronald Amigo and his wife Jane are both members of Destiny City Church and are serving as one of the House church leaders.

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