Berean School of Ministry



           A biblical and historical study on the distinct characteristics of Pentecostals, as a church body with dynamism, direction, and a destiny for the present evangelization of the world, in the present move of the Holy Spirit. This study shows that the Pentecostals’ showing how their beliefs and practices are rooted and grounded in the Scriptures and in the model of the New Testament Church of the apostolic era. Includes a historical survey of the 20th century Pentecostal Movement in general, and of the Assemblies of God in particular. We will trace from church history that the Power of the Holy Spirit, the supernatural, never left the church.

UNIT 1 Pentecostal Indoctrinations
Lesson 1 Pentecostal Empowered Church
Lesson 2 Pentecostal Orientation
Lesson 3 Pentecostal Pattern
Lesson 4 Pentecostal Doctrines

UNIT 2 Pentecostal Initiations
Lesson 1 Survey of the Present
Lesson 2 Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Lesson 3 Evidences of Baptism

UNIT 3 Pentecostal Innovations
Lesson 1 Impact of Pentecostalism
Lesson 2 Issue of Speaking in Tongues
Lesson 3 Introducing the Other Gifts
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