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       Throughout the third week of June, 2010 students  arrived from different parts of the Philippines to enroll in BSM this SY 2010.  The process of admission included a personal interview with the PGCAG General Superintendent  Rev. Rey Calusay. A major part of  the interview is for the students to show ample proof  of genuine intention to be a church planter. Only those who truly intend to plant a church are admitted to the training in BSM. At the end of the week, 22 students  from 8 different districts were officially enrolled.  
   It is noteworthy that five students come from the home   of BSM, First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc. and two of which are sons of the senior pastor.
1. ABELLANO, Daren S.- Dumarao, Capiz-NWVDC
2. ALIBUAS, Karl Kenneth G.-Roxas City-NWVDC
3. ANAR, Lerma M.- Ferrol, Romblon-NWVDC
4. BACLANGEN, Eve Ann S.- Vigan City, Ilocos Sur-NIDC
5. BERMEJO, Jesus Jr. A.- Roxas City- NWVDC
6. BUT, Ben T.- San Joaquin, Iloilo-WVDC
7. CALANG, Severo Jr. L.-Surigao City-NEMDC
8. CALUSAY, Ben Judah M.- Roxas City- NWVDC
9. CALUSAY, Joses M.- Roxas City- NWVDC
10. CONCEPCION, Clarisa C.- Camarines  Norte-BRDC
11. CORNELIO, Ever P. Camarines  Norte-BRDC
12. DURONIO, Juliet D.- Roxas City- NWVDC
13. FLORES, Janice D.-Lanao del Norte-LDC
14. LIGUIN, Helen Joyce P.-Davao City- SMDC
15. LOMUKSO, Julie Beth J.- Lanao del Norte-LDC
16. ONGON, Paquito Jr. C.-Ferrol, Romblon-NVWDC
17. PAULINO, Brigitte M.-Baguio City-SCCDC
18. RESURRECION, Jimer J.-Boracay Island- NWVDC
19. SAMONTE, Jennielyn S. .- San Joaquin, Iloilo-WVDC
20. TUMLOS, Jane D.- Roxas City- NWVDC
21. TUSCANO, Olive N.-Sinait, Ilocos Sur-NIDC
22. VALLES, Aquilles O.-Ivisan, Capiz-NWVDC

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