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        Rev. Rey and Zeny Calusay, senior pastors of FARM,Inc.  has three boys. Jireh, the eldest  trained together with his wife Annah Belle in BSM last SY 2006 and are currently serving in the FARM pastoral team under their parents. This SY 2010 the other two Calusay boys have chosen to serve God with the family. Ben Judah, the second son  is graduating in BS in  Commerce major in Marketing but testifies that his heart is for the ministry, especially feeling great burden for the youth of today. Joses, the youngest finished his OJT in Singapore last June, also finishing his BS in Commerce major in Administration. Joses was already  positioned for a well-paying job in the company he had his OJT, but likewise felt he will be happier serving God with the family. The two are among the 22 fulltime   students enrolled in Berean School of Ministry for Church planters.

Rev. Rey Calusay, Benjie, Jireh, Joses

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