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      The Berean School of Ministry is concerned that the students being trained to be future pastors are developed in every area of their lives. Personality Development is offered as part of the curriculum and included in the course is personal grooming. Ms. Clay Dalid, another volunteer teacher from among the members of FARM, Inc. was invited to teach. Ms. Clay Dalid is a style designer and consultant, an artist-painter, a business woman, and currently a student studying law. She did four sessions to teach and demonstrate to the students how to express personality in the way they dress. Bringing along with her a huge bag of different fabric and accessories , she guided the students how to bring out their inner moods through colors and styles. She shared tips for choosing the dress style that fits, which color shouts one’s personality, and even what hair style is best for ones physical features.
       Basically, Ms. Clay teaches style, not fashion. She differentiated fashion and style and emphasized that one should have style, not just follow fashion. She said that style is who you are, while fashion is a compromise with other’s style, such as that of a designer. Fashion is wearing the style of others. Fashion fades after a week or two, while style lasts as long as a person.
       The fourth day was time for the BSM students to put their knowledge to practice and to show their individual styles. Ms. Clay helped the students put up a style (not fashion) show.  She even invited a few of her law classmates to witness the show. The majority of the ladies wore little black dresses accented by colorful shiny accessories. Others wore eye- catching colored dresses with scarves and shawls. The Calusay brothers stunned us with their tuxedos while the others made us wonder with elegance in simplicity. And of course, a show isn’t complete without a finale. A couple out of the BSM students, Mr. Ben But and Ms. Janice Flores, were fairly selected to wear the finale attire of a bride and groom. Janice wore a wedding gown designed by Ms. Clay herself.
       The brief class with Ms. Clay has initiated the students in discovering and developing their individual styles that will best express their personalities. Now they’ve known that style is that which speaks out who you are, and should not be compromised with fashion.You’re not speaking who you are if you’re wearing fashion and not your style. It doesn’t matter if your style doesn’t look nice to others; the idea is that you tell them who you are. Style is being truthful to who you are.

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