Berean School of Ministry



       School organizations are a big part of students’ lives. Students of  ACLC, Roxas  City (Ama Computer Learning Center) started a school organization with the guidance of  Mr.  Alexis Gaylan, ACLC  faculty member and  a   member  of the FARM family. The name of the organization is Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, hereinafter called “Chi Alpha” or simply “XA.” ‘Chi Alpha’ are terms from  the Greek words ‘Christi Apostoloi’ which mean  ‘Christ’s Ambassadors.’   
      A month earlier, the Street Signs Band of  FARM held a concert at ACLC as per request of the school.  Consequently, FARM was granted permission to  minister  to the students through the Chi Alpa Ministries. FARM acted on  this opportunity by mobilizing the church planting students of Berean School of Ministry.
      Eight selected BSM students led by  Percival Navarro (BSM Ministry Development Director) conducted  the initial meeting with the students. Coincidently, Mark Sullivan,  youngest son of former missionaries based in Roxas City, Steve and Jacque Sullivan is spending a week with the Calusays and he  gladly joined the team. 
      An interesting  skit was presented by the BSM students to promote Chi Alpha meetings.   With Mark Sullivan as anchor man, the BSM students entered in the room one after the other as if each came from different places and each  had to overcome some  obstacle  just to be at ACLC that day. Joses Calusay for example came in wet and said he had to swim across the ocean just to be  in time for the meeting. Benjie Calusay came in with tattered and bloody shirts (catsup of course) as if he had just been from a fight against wild animals. Eve Baclangen came in clad in operating room attire with hands wrapped in gloves  and said she had to leave the hospital just to be in time for the meeting. Another came covered with leaves and grasses and said had to cross the mountains and jungles to be there. Karl Alibuas came in with a pillow and   a blanket as if he just woke up.  Afterwards, fun questions were asked to make the student’s actively participate. 

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