Berean School of Ministry



     A guest instructor was in Berean School of Ministry – that’s Sir Alvin Tud, a young pastor  pastoring a   50 year old church in Binangonan Rizal. He’s a PK (pastor’s kid) who accepted Jesus at the age of 6 but made a turning point in his Christian life while in college. He was discipled  through Campus Ministry. He graduated from the University of Philippines, Diliman Quezon City with a degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Asian history. Currently he is taking Master of Arts in Ministry at APTS   and also a part time instructor in the STDC District bible school and in a local college in Montalban Rizal.
      Sir Alvin taught on the Doctrine of God giving emphasis that knowledge about God should not become a hindrance to the knowledge of God. He said longevity is not a determinant of maturity but rather, the quality of training and equipping. He admitted that he also learned while teaching in BSM. He said he gained a deeper appreciation of SOS and described it as  scriptural, simple and systematic. He is already applyting the SOS principles in his local church and he is looking forward for more zeal among his members in church planting
      He ended the course with an exhortation found in Psalm chapter 8 that the works of creation and providence  proclaim to the entire world that there is God, the Fountain of all being, power and perfection, the Sovereign Ruler, Powerful Protector and Bountiful Benefactor of all creatures. How great, how illustrious, how magnificent is His name in all the earth.
Insights from the students:
I grew up in a devout catholic environment and I was  convinced that the idols that we regularly gave homage to in our house are gods.  But I had a   turning point in my life when our house caught fire and I was trapped inside. I asked  the `gods’    to save me but then there before my eyes they were slowly eaten by fire. Then I heard a voice teling me to get out. I didn’t know how I got through but I believe it was  the true God  revealing Himself to me. As we studied the Doctrine of God,  my simple knowledge of God leveled up, and my  appreciation of  the existence of an  all powerful Infinite  Being deepened. I stand in awe of His reality!  – Lerma Anar
He is the unfathomable God but as my knowledge of Him increases so does  my faith. This study challenged me to seek Him more and more. – Jane Tumlos 

I believe there is God but there are many unsettled issues in my mind concerning Him. Why are thereso much suffering and poverty? Does he know all these? I also used to believe that God is like a policeman who punishes us when we make mistakes. Our study of the  characteristics of God answered many of my questions. My unsettled issues were settled, and my doubts turned to faith.    Knowing who God is gives me zeal and excitement to tell others of this God whom I believe.-Daren Abellano


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