Berean School of Ministry



      Living in the last days shouldn’t be taken for granted. This was the overall message being communicated in the Movers Overnight last October 1, 2010. The night’s program was designed to inform, remind and warn the young people about the Second Coming. The program kicked off with praise and worship time with a surprise. In the middle of the third song in the line up, a blasting sound and screams echoed throughout the hall and the lights went out. When the lights were back, only one among the music team on stage was left. It was Joses Calusay, who acted how it would be if one is left behind during the rapture.     
       FARM Youth Pastor Jireh Calusay and FARM Senior Pastor Rey Calusay delivered complementary messages on how to live in the last days. Later the night, the Movers viewed a video presentation on the end times. The Movers became aware of the numerous proofs pointing to the return of Jesus Christ: wars, rumors of wars, natural calamities, false prophets, unreasonable government laws, and many others. The rapture was explained, how it will happen and how to be included in it. The Movers crowded at the front, crying and dedicating themselves to God during the altar call. The BSM students, serving as co-counselors with the FARM Youth leaders ministered to the movers during the altar call.

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