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BSM Students batch 2010-2011 dubbed themselves as `God’s Masterpiece’. For their graduation day presentation, they will perform as a speech choir. They are practicing to deliver Amena Brown’s peom entitled `Masterpiece’ with Joses Calusay as trainor-conductor. Click this for more pictures

By: Amena Brown

You found  beauty in what doesn’t seem beautiful,
You took a lump of clay, gave it a name & called it human
Blew breath from Your  eternally deep lungs,
Depositing spirit into wombs and souls.

You made us whole from the first breath we breathed,
The first time we opened our eyes, You were all we could see,
But we were deceived to believe You were not enough
So we took a sip of sin’s bitter cup.

We gave up eternal lives for the  taste of a cheap lie,
But You’ve been pursuing us since in the beginning,
You made all the first moves, took all the first steps,
You knew the only thing that stood between us and  You, was death.

So You volunteered Yourself to take the place of harm’s way,
You became the great exchange of pain for peace,
Healing for stripes, death for life,
You are the only One who could make things right.

We could not fathom the cost,    but You paid the price,
You put Your word on our hearts,
You put Your Name on our lips,
And even after we sing all the songs we heard,
We’re left in silence of all You’ve done.

It amazes us that a God who can so easily overtake us,
Takes us, breaks us, and  makes us more like Him,
‘Cause everyday, You chisel our character,
Changing the picture of our lives by the brushstroke.

You want us to be Your masterpiece,
You want us to be the Master’s piece,
You are the only One who gives everlasting peace,
So we lay down all selfishness, all agendas, all affections.

We come to bring a sacrifice,
We come in the Name of the One who gave His life,
We want to follow Him,
Which means we take up heavy crosses,
Which means we take sips of the bitter cup of denying self.

And we cry out to You,
Cause we want You to hear this humble generation,
Seeking Your face & turning from wicked ways,
Cause we need You to heal our land,
We need You to have the heart of our kinds in Your hands,
We want You to scatter us like seed,
That every soul in this world would know Your eternity.

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