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Every graduating class of  Berean School of Ministry say theirs is the best graduation ceremony ever. This year’s batch has many reasons to say so last March 30, 2011.  All twenty of them went on stage  to receive their certificates: 16 received certificates of completion and 4 received certificates of attendance. While on stage, each received a prayer shawl from  Rev. Rey Calusay, BSM and PGCAG General Superintendent  and also had a personal  picture taken with him.   Medals were awarded to five students for Academic Axcellence and another 5 for Outstanding performance.  Joses Calusay received the medal for Most Outstanding Graduate.
Rev. Jessie Villagracia, NWVDC District Superintendent gave the inspirational talk to the students. Later, Rev. Pat Martinez, BSM alumni president  inducted the graduates as the newest members of the association.  Rev. Rey Calusay gave a  very meaningful and challenging charge to the graduates and was joined by the attending pastors and BSM alumni in praying  for the graduates.
This batch of students will be remembered by the name `God’s Masterpiece’. They did a passioante speech choir of the poem by Amena Brown `Masterpiece’.  The event ended with a celebration meal with BSM  sponsors and students’ relatives and friends   at the Welcome Lounge. Click to download:  BSM GRADUATION CEREMONY 2010-2011

Top 5 Academic Awardees:
1. Joses Calusay
2. Eve Baclangen
3. Brigette Paulino
4. Clarissa Concepcion
5. Juliet Duronio
Top 5 Performance Awardees:
1. Brigette Paulino
2. Joses Calusay
3. Lerma Anar
4. Jimer Resurrecion
5. Clarissa Concepcion
Most Outstanding Student:
Joses Calusay
 Click this for more pictures


Click this for more pictures

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