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Name: Arban, Mark L.
Home Church: Lemery Assembly of God
Educational Attainment: Pastoral Theology Graduate ( Nowon)
A young man who grew up with a broken household so his life was also been displaced. But not too long, Mark finally started a fresh and exciting chapter of his life when he surrendered his life to the Lord in 2008. From then on, Mark moved with a secured direction and peace of mind. Despite of the persection from his family, Mark continue to follow God’s leading in his life so he joined BSM and wishes to pioneer a church in General Santos City.

Name: Asong, Rolando B.
Age: 35
Home Church: Mt.Zion Church Assembly of God, Iloilo
Educational Attainment: BS Marine Engineering (Undergrad)
Not only the will of his family that he has to give up in order to follow the will of God in his life, but Roland is also wrestling against his own fears and insecurities. It was never an easy decision for him to join BSM because there was always a battle inside his heart. But sure enough that his desire to serve the Lord is greater than all his fears. Roland is now glad that God transformed his heart and is now walking on the will of Him who is the master of his body and soul. He is now ready to take the challenge because he do believe that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him…

Name:Bellosillo, Mayjoy D.
Home Church: First Assembly of Roxas Mission, Inc.
Educational Attainment: BSBA (Undergrad)
” I’m always excited to share the Word of God”. This is how Joy would describe her feelings in serving the Lord. Though admittedly she’s a pessimistic type but she was certain when God spoke to her constantly through His Words about her calling to serve Him. Joy was happy that she had her parents’ blessings regarding her decision to obey God’s call. Her parent’s are both active members of the First Assembly of Roxas Mission, Inc.

Name: Bilbao, Liezl D.
Age: 33
Home Church: Jesus Spring of Life Church Assembly of God, Lemery, Iloilo
Educational Attainment: Pastoral Theology Graduate (Nowon)
An inspiring story how a girl survived without her parents. The only one among her siblings who grew up working in her Aunt’s home. By God’s amazing grace, Liezl still managed to put her life in order. Right after she received Jesus in her heart she gained understanding from what God had allowed to happen in her life and realized that all things work together for good. After BSM training, Liezl would like to minister to her “kababayan” in Lemery, Iloilo.

Name: Bravo, Flora M.
Age: 64
Home Church: International Community Church, Puerto Prinsesa City
Educational Attainment: BSC- Management Graduate
Age doesn’t matter as long as you have a heart in serving God. Flora at 64 and almost four decades as Born again Christian still love to go an extra mile in serving God. Together with her husband who had their trainings here at BSM, they are planning to plant a church in the beautiful province of Palawan.

Name: Bravo, Oscar S.
Age: 67
Home Church: International Community Church,, Puerto Prinsesa City
The father of this batch (Batch 22), Oscar just like his wife Flora didn’t mind his age in serving the Lord. For him it’s never too late to give his all to the One and Only Creator. He was always high spirits in all his trainings and very much excited to plant a church soon.

Name: Dela Cruz, Joshua Rey B.
Age: 16
Home Church: Immanuel Christian Assembly Church, Nagba, Aklan
Educational Attainment: Graduate- High School
Joshua is the youngest of this batch as well as the youngest among the three siblings in their family. An active youth president and worship team member of their church. At his young age he knew already the purpose of his life and what he exactly wanted to accomplish for God’s glory. After BSM training Joshua is ascertain that God will use him effectively and powerfully in the ministry.

Name: Duronio, Ma. Geraldine D.
Age: 23
Home Church: First Assembly of Roxas Mission, Inc. (FARM)
Educational Attainment: B.E.ED. Graduate
A full time teacher in one of the kindergarten school here in Roxas City. Geraldine has to give up her job to respond to God’s leading in her life. She has no hesitation of the future that awaits for her seeing that God is walking with her in this journey.

Name: Esmeralda, Bryan E.
Age: 27
Home Church: Full Gospel Christian Church, Passi City
Educational Attainment: Pastoral Theology Graduate (Nowon)
Unsatisfied with his life, Bryan tried to fill the emptiness by working hard to earn money. But in spite of the wordly wealth he had accumulated, he was frustrated and afraid to die. Not until he met Jesus, it changed everything according to Bryan and gave him direction and a meaningful life. All the learning he acquired in his previous church ministry and his training here at BSM are parts of his preparations to become an effective minister for the Lord someday.

Name: Gipolla, Generyn B.
Age: 21
Home Church: Day-Asan Mission Base Assembly of God, Surigao Del Norte
Educational Attainment: Computer Programming in Software Technology Graduate
Generyn is the eldest of five children. A volunteer teacher of CEF, youth leader and Praise and Worship leader of their church. Despite of destitution she chose to heed the calling because Generyn believes that whoever trust and take heed God’s will, will be well provided and they will lack no good thing.

Name: Guatche, Ronel A.
Home Church: Church of Assembly of God, Carles, Iloilo
Ronel is a simple man and God seeker ever since he was a little boy. So he never hold back in doubt to answer God promptly when he heard His charge to join BSM. The opposition from Rone’s relatives and even from his parents didn’t deter him instead it made him more purposeful to follow God’s instruction. It is his professed desire to reach out more souls for Christ. Ronel is excited to minister to his townmates in Carles after graduation.

Name: Mendez, Dulcisimo Jr. B.
Age: 31
Home Church: The Living Word Assembly of God
Educational Attainment:
Jun as he is fondly called by his family and friends is a seaman by profession who travels in an inter island route. Jun never hesitated to leave his career and ambition when God called him into a full time ministry. For him finding Jesus is the best treasure in life and he wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world…

Name: Perez, Joel A.
Age: 21
Home Church: Assembly of God, Iriga City
Educational Course: Computer Hardware & Servicing Graduate
It’s Joel’s dream to be a soldier someday, he want to be a part of the Navy. Joel admitted that it was his first love but he never regret to follow God’s direction for his life. He now realized that though he may not fulfill his desired goal, he is still a soldier- SOLDIER OF CHRIST. He is serving the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Name: Santos, Glorie MAe B.
Home Church: Alive Christian Assembly, Cauayan City, Isabela
Educational Attainment: IT Graduate
She never thought that a simple afternoon walk would lead her to genuinely know God, when a concerned relative invited her to attend the on going Bible study three years ago in their advancing hometown. Since then, Mae started to live life the way God design it to be. She became active in sharing Christ at school and was chosen to be the Vice President of their campus ministry and at the same time the Youth President of their church. Now, Mae is very much excited to carry out God’s plan in Isabela and grateful for the worthwhile training from BSM.

Name: Terrazo, Cherryl D.
Age: 22
Home Church: Christ is the Answer Fellowship Assembly of God, Camarines Sur
Educational Attainment: Tesda Graduate
As the second of five children, Cheryl felt like a leftover. Everyone in the family is tall and big- except her. Cheryl felt unloved and insignificant that made her the reserved typed, shy and who wanted to be alone most of the time. But that was before, Cheryl is now recovering fast from her negative emotions and hostile perception about herself because of God and His powerful Words. Indeed, embracing the Word of God will give us the right and proper perception about ourself and will truly set us free.

Name: Zapanta, Japhet N.
Home Church: Full Gospel Church, Puerto Prinsesa City
Educational Attainment:
Just like his Dad Japhet also wanted to serve the Lord in a full time ministry. That is why he decided to join BSM. ” I find joy in doing the ministry and sharing the Word of God. It is a great priviledge to serve the Lord”. He may have given up his dreams according to Japhet but he is pretty sure that God will give him every good thing that this world cannot offer.

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