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BSM Batch 22 Spoken Word Graduation Piece 

BSM GRAD 2013-2014 (4)


My dreams are ceased by a peculiar people,

An assortment of   kings and shepherd boys,

Who birthed nations and slew giants

Hidden woman whose prayers unlocked the dead,

And unrefined fishermen  whose eloquence outshined 

the politicians of  Greece and Rome

These peculiar people  woo me with their  stories of war and glory


They tremble and whisper of Him,

The Ancient of Days, the Great I am, the Living God

Who so deeply touched  their souls,

That they surrendered life, home, flesh, blood, and bones for Him

And I want to see what they saw, I want to see what they saw,

What visions seared their minds, What  promise possessed them

So that every fear was replaced with  certainty  that made them stand

Unbending before  Pharaohs and Giants and Persians


Oh what bloomed so pure inside them, What kind of insanity led them to shout:

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him, Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

And I want to see what they saw, Now I see what they saw


It must be this – simply His desire,  the desire of a Father

Though King of the Universe, Possessor of  all things  

But wants  a people He can call His own


They saw Him, stoop  down, soil his hands with ground

Fearfully   form  man,   breathe His life to him – to  you and me

They saw the-  Creator, rightful owner, their   reasonable purpose


Deception, sin,  darkness halted  the beautiful journey

Again, They saw Him    bend, so so low, kiss this dust,

Wrapping himself with layer after layer of skin and flesh,

Eating the stench of mortality

Dying the painful, shameful death on the cross  for a people who needs mercy

They saw Him – the Redeemer,  their Deliverer,   their Lord


Oh, it must have been  this,

That possessed these men and women,

His desire for us to be a peculiar people,

Set apart for His very own  special possession.


 We wanted  to see what they saw,  And yes–we saw Him – wanting us

Calling us out of darkness into His marvelous light

Counting us   peculiar people.

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