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Why use simply the story? Find answers to the question in this new BSM Online Course, starts September 2, 2021 WThFr at 8-9PM and Saturday 9AM

One of the major differences between the conventional, topical way of teaching and this STS way of storytelling with inductive study, oral style, is reflected in this vital question. Who or what is going to teach?

Let’s look at the biblical roles of the teacher, the student, Scripture and the Holy Spirit. In topical teaching, the presenter decides ahead of time what is going to be taught. Verses or passages are selected by the teacher and given to the listeners to illustrate and authenticate the teacher’s views. This method is not wrong—but it is not the only way to teach. Topical teaching breaks up a story, making the information more difficult to remember.

Bible stories speak to our spirit, soul and body. The more a teacher breaks apart the story and presents information in categories, the more the information goes only to our minds, not our souls and spirits. When teaching topically, the presenter selects passages from throughout the Bible to verify pre-selected points. The congregation listens and might take notes. But, with this approach there is no story to follow. So for those who cannot take notes, there is nothing to keep the information together. For them, it is like a human body with no bones!

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